What is the SabahRhino Project?

The aim of the project is to protect the Sabah rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis harrissoni) on Borneo, Malaysia and the biodiversity of its habitat and to create awareness among locals and internationals for the status of the species. The Sabah rhino is a critically endangered subspecies of the Sumatran rhino. It is a flagship species for an intact ecosystem. Its habitat, the lowland rainforests of Borneo are among the most diverse in the world. The protection of the species and its habitat helps to protect a variety of other species living in the same habitat. The loss of the species and its habitat can therefore influence the biodiversity of a whole region. 

The Sabah rhino project has been launched by the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research and the Zoo Leipzig. These institutions work closely together with the Sabah Wildlife Department and the Borneo Rhino Alliance (BORA), to support them with scientific expertise and with their skills in animal husbandry and animal handling. The marketing of the Sabah Rhino Project, the fundraising and the networking amongst creative is being conducted by dan pearlman

The Rhino and Forest Fund (RFF) is a spin-off of the Leibniz Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research. It is a German based NGO dedicated to the conservation of threatened flora and fauna. The RFF is responsible for the reforestation of the habitat of the Sabah rhino and to connect islands of rainforest through forest corridors.




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